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Emerald Skill Set


  • Superior mount - ex: springboard jump up, etc.
  • Full turn on foot
  • Handstand - hold fo 2 sec and hit full handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Jumps of superior or higher level
  • Tumbling with flight
  • Front/side and back tumbling skill
  • Dismount or superior or higher level - ex: barani, tuck front/back, etc.


  • Round off back handspring
  • Round off back handspring, back tuck
  • Front punch
  • Twisting tumbling skill
  • Jump series of superior or higher level


  • Glide kip
  • Back or front hip circle
  • Cast to stand
  • Long hand kip
  • Flyaway or higher level dismount
  • Release skill


  • Handspring over vault without spot
  • Half on over vault without spot
  • Handspring with twisting