Proudly serving our northeastern South Dakota region!

If you have any questions on placement, we are happy to help! Please e-mail us at [email protected]. A good fit between the gymnast and class skills is valuable for progress. 

Topaz (4-5 y/o): Beginning level class for 4-5 y/o children. 

Ruby (Beginners, 6 y/o and up):  See skill set. Beginning class for elementary-aged gymnasts who are able to do basic gymnastics skills, including capability and interest to walk on a high beam without assistance, swinging on the bars without a fear of going upside down, and the ability to go up into a handstand.

Amethyst (Experienced elementary gymnastics, 6 y/o and up): See skill set. Elementary-aged gymnasts who have had previous gymnastics lessons. We will begin expanding beyond basic skills so gymnasts should already have some knowledge of gymnastics shapes and jumps, vault technique (run/use of board), glides/swings and circles on bars, correct form in turns and balances on beam and ability to mount and dismount, and be developing basic tumbling skills including a bridge kickover, roundoff and handstand forward rolls.

Sapphire (Advanced elementary and/or MS level): See skill set. This class starts gaining more advanced skills. It is a good fit for those who plan to try out for a middle school gymnastics team, but elementary-aged gymnasts who have the skills and coachability will fit in, as well.

Emerald (Advanced MS and/or JV/V skill level): See skill set. This class is for those with prior competition experience and/or advanced skills. It corresponds to a junior varsity and varsity level.

Competition Team: See skill set. We are a USAG club. Currently, we have sent teams to USAG meets in Excel Bronze and Silver levels. We are continuing to grow our USAG competition participation. Let coaches know or notify us by email if USAG competition is something your gymnast may be interested in, and we can discuss this option with you. 

Boys Tumbling: This is geared for young men 6+. Tumbling is useful for core strength and also for enhancing other boys sports, such as wrestling.