Lesson Registration/Payment

All gymnasts must have a Go Motion account for billing and registration and to ensure required waivers are complete. Classes and private lessons are available periodically throughout the year on a variable basis, depending on gym and coaching staff availability. Fees include taxes and are due upon class registration.

Each gymnast is required to have an AAU membership. We are under the umbrella of AAU. Please note that registration for AGA in Go Motion is separate from registering for AAU, our parent organization. 

We do NOT want our gymnasts or coaches coming to lessons sick and spreading disease, so we will work together on a case-by-case basis to adjust for COVID-19 related illnesses.  We will endeavor to be fluid and fair regarding COVID-19, so PLEASE communicate with us: [email protected].



AGA will follow all COVID-19 precautions in effect at Aberdeen Central High School.  


Inclement Weather

If school is cancelled at CHS, there will be no AGA class/privates.  Please communicate with lesson coach if questions.


Gym Rules

Gymnasts should come to class ready to have fun and further their skill level, noting the following rules:

  • Be respectful of the coaches and other athletes
  • Leotards are required (athletic biker/volleyball shorts may be worn on top of leo)
  • Hair must be secured away from the face
  • No gum or jewelry (small stud earrings are okay)
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Cell phones should be silenced and be kept in gym bag.
  • Leave all personal drama outside the gym.  Practice time is limited and we need your focus the entire time you are there.


Distractions and Disruptions

We take the privilege of instructing gymnasts very seriously. Safety is our priority, and we cannot tolerate coaches or athletes being distracted in the gymnastics gym. Gymnasts of all ages are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times and have respect for authority figures. Coaches will attempt redirection for disruptive gymnasts and/or assign a “time out.” Persistent behavior problems may result in being removed from the lesson for the day or even dismissal from the gymnastics program without a refund of fees.

Our board and coaches work together to create the best environment for gymnasts. If you have concerns, we want to know. Please email us at [email protected] and a coach and/or a board member will contact you for follow-up.

Concussion Awareness

Learn what a concussion is, how to identify a concussion, how to keep athletes safe from concussion, and how an athlete may safely return to participate after a concussion. It is important. Review the CDC information HERE and learn all about it.