Proudly serving our northeastern South Dakota region!

Aberdeen Gymnastics Association (AGA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run by a volunteer board. Our independent gymnastics program brings competitve and recreational options to all youth in our region. We offer all levels of gymnastics to youth ages 4 and up. In addition, we have a class specific for boys. Although our coaches our paid, all other things you see done are done by volunteer parents or volunteer friends of AGA in the community!

PURPOSE: Aberdeen Gymnastics Association (AGA) exists to organize exceptional year-round instruction in gymnastics for both developing and competitive gymnastic athletes.

MISSION: To provide excellent, capable instruction for both aspiring and competitive gymnasts in a fun, safe, and supportive environment, where athletes are taught strength, agility, and flexibility skills; learn responsibility and independence; and have fellowship with other gymnasts and coaches.

VISION: To develop confident gymnasts who are enthusiastic about training, excited about the sport of gymnastics, and who transfer what they learn in the gym to help them succeed in other areas in life.

PHILOSOPHY: The gymnastics gym is a place to nurture children of all ages with acceptance, encouragement, and respect to help them feel confident and supported in life. Any child interested in gymnastics deserves a chance to learn how to safely train to be a gymnast and to have the opportunity to not only learn basic gymnastics fundamentals properly and thoroughly, but also the chance to advance as far as they can competitively. Sport activities provide a wonderful place to learn valuable life skills: diligence, self-respect, lifelong fitness, and how to get along with peers and superiors.

LOCATION: Our independent gymnastics gym is located at 4745 6th Avenue SE Suite #2 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, right across the street from the airport, and we welcome you and your child.



4745 6th Ave SE, Suite #2
PO Box 1861
Aberdeen, SD 57401