2021 Private Lessons

Priscilla Nelson

Billing for private lessons is done once weekly for any lessons held that week.  To make it EASY for those in small group lessons, AGA will split the group lesson and bill each gymnast individually.  Instead of one gymnast paying AGA for the lesson and working out reimbursement with the others, we will be able to bill each of the gymnasts their equal part.  For example, for a small group of 3, the private lesson price is $48/hr lesson.  If they have their private lesson Tuesday, then the Fri of that week, we will bill each gymnast $16.  If the lesson is held on the weekend, it is billed the following week.  Lessons will continue to be set up directly with the coaches, and will always be billed after they are held, in case something comes up or plans change. 

Remember ---> in order to schedule lessons, you must have an active AGA (GoMotion) account and active AAU membership ($16/year).  Lessons are set up through the coaches.