COVID-19 Safety Measures: Please Read and Share With Your Gymnast!

We have new safety protocols to keep our gymnasts and coaches healthy! Our COVID-19 policies and procedures align with school, local, state, and federal guidelines and are detailed on our website. Your gymnast is used to doing things in the school and gym a certain way, so these changes can be really distressing! Please help your daughter prepare by sharing the information below with your gymnast before lessons.

  1. Come healthy: If your gymnast comes to an AGA lesson, it means, to the best of your knowledge, that she is healthy and has not been in contact with someone that has COVID-19. If she is sick or in contact with COVID-19, please reach out and change your lessons. (We will work together for a good, fair outcome for both parties.) Gymnasts will be screened for COVID-19 signs and symptoms and have their temperature checked on arrival.  Gymnasts will not be allowed in the gym if they have a temp of 100.4 or above and/or other signs and /or symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. Come dressed: Gymnasts need to come prepared for lessons in their leotard. Locker rooms and bathrooms are now available if needed. A mask is required while in the bathroom and locker rooms.
  3. Bring water: Water bottles need to be brought from home because some drinking fountains are out of use.
  4. Enter North doors: No parents waiting in the school. The doors will remain locked.  The coach will meet you at the North doors and escort the gymnast to the gym. (Wait a few minutes to make sure your gymnast is not sent back out due to fever.)
  5. Exit West (back) doors : To eliminate congregating in hallways, the gymnast will exit the West (back) door of the gymnastics gym and should be picked up in the West parking lot.
  6. Clean hands: Hand sanitizer will be provided and used on arrival, during lessons, and also before exiting the gym.
  7. Mask wearing: Gymnasts need to provide their own masks to wear at their discretion. Masks are not mandatory in class. Coaches will have masks to also wear at their discretion. Please inform your daughter that at times the coach may wear a mask and to not be alarmed.
  8. Spread out: Gymnasts will be asked to maintain physical space, but we know that, even with the best efforts and intentions, there will be times the gymnasts and coaches breach the prescribed distancing recommendations. Delivering high fives and wiping away tears requires direct assistance.   
  9. Leave with a smile: Another great day in the gym!! 

Unexpected COVID-19 associated adjustments may be necessary by gymnasts and/or AGA. We will work together for the best outcome possible with our families and gymnasts.



Additional Cleaning Protocols & Procedures:

☐ As safety permits, social distancing of at least 6 feet will be practiced.  

☐ AGA will utilize personal chalk buckets as needed.

☐ AGA will utilize both an 80% topical alcohol hand sanitizer and a gel based 70% alcohol hand sanitizer.  CHS has also installed several hand saniitizing stations available for use. 

☐ AGA uses a variety of cleaning and disinfecting products, including RMC Enviro Care, which is listed on the CDC website under EPA-registered disinfectants active against the human coronavirus, and Chlorox wipes.