SD High School Activity Winter Sports Task Force Proposed Recommendations and Modifications for School Winter Sports - Gymnastics: 


Competitors are expected to carry a gym bag with a reusable cloth facial covering, a travel-size spray bottle filled with water to spray grips, a personal bottle of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes for personal use to disinfect feet when entering, after each event and before exiting, 1.5-inch white athletic tape, fingernail clippers for cutting rips, and a personal water bottle.

Shoes are to be stored in the gym bag, separate from the other items, to prevent possible cross contamination. 

Additionally, competitors are instructed to bring a gallon-size freezer Ziploc bag for chalk (no shared chalk buckets) and must disinfect their bag after every practice. "This is for everyone’s protection," the document states. "We don’t want to take a chance of carrying any potential virus back and forth." 

Social distancing is encouraged — "Offer non-contact support/encouragement rather than hugs/handshakes/fist bumps" — and each athlete/coach should carry and use hand sanitizer following rotations. 

When not competing, all participants (including coaches, judges, those working the event) are "strongly encouraged" to wear masks/face coverings. 

It is highly recommended that competitions are organized in "pods" to limit exposure, with each pod exiting the building once their round is complete (similar to the model used at the state competitive cheer and dance meet).

Source:  Aberdeen American News 10/30/2020


Important Dates:

11/2-11/3 Gymnastics tryouts


The 2020-2020 CHS Coaching Staff:

Head Coach - Mickey Everson

Assistant Varsity Coach - Cassidy Schaar

Assistant JV Coach - Kellie Bauman

Head MS Coach - Lindsey Stucke

Assistant MS Coach - Sherise Rivera


The Varsity schedule is available here:


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